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How We Increased the Reach of a Facebook page from 34 Views to Over 1500 Views Without Ads

In 2019, a career and recruiting company reached out to Hype & Bustle for help with their social media management. For this company, they utilized more of Facebook and LinkedIn. However, we were expected to level up their Facebook social media management to reach more job seekers.


When we took over their Facebook page, we realized that the page was disorganized and the existing posts were terribly written. You could easily tell that it was written by someone with no knowledge of what it takes to write engaging posts that drive responses and shares.


Upon knowing this, we got to work and in less than a month, our posts went from reaching 34 people to over 1500 people without ads.


Here’s how we did it!

1. Overhauling the Profile: The first step was to do a complete revamp of the Facebook page. When we first had access to the page, it was disorganized and unappealing. Due to this, we began optimizing the page for better visibility. This includes replacing the profile picture with something more appealing, uploading an attractive and well-branded Facebook banner, adding a well-written bio, including the contact details, utilizing Facebook call-to-action buttons, and many more.

2. Social Listening: After overhauling the profile, we joined some relevant Facebook groups to understand the pain points of the target audience. We interacted, shared our thoughts, and gathered information to help us create posts that speak to the needs of these people.  

3. Creating brand-specific posts: With the help of the information gotten during the social listening stage, we began creating and publishing brand and engagement-specific posts that piqued the interest of the target audience. This includes using testimonial posts, value or educational posts, hero posts, and promotional posts. These posts were carefully created to promote the company’s service while providing value and engaging the audience.

4. Sharing Posts for Expanded Visibility: When we published these carefully written posts, we shared them to places where the target audience could be found. Since we already interacted with them, the posts were often welcomed and reshared, which led to even greater visibility. Organically, the posts did so well that we had a lot of people acknowledging and sharing the posts.

5. Consistency: One mistake most business owners make is being inconsistent with their social media posting. Although, we understand that sometimes you might be too busy to keep up with a consistent schedule, however, it’s important to know that being inconsistent with your posting could lead to a decline in your post reach. For this company, we had set times and days when we published these posts. We ensured to be consistent and with this, it could only get better. The posts continually reached a lot of people even without the use of ads.

When we implemented our social media management process, we were able to increase the post reach of this company from 34 views to over 1500 views leading to expanded visibility and people signing up for our promotions.

This could be you too!

At Hype & Bustle, we believe that every business irrespective of its size deserves quality social media management that drives traffic and quality leads. As a social media marketing company, we have generated so many results for our customers using our result-guaranteed process and we want you to be the next!

So, if you’d like to be our next success story or that company that totally gets their social right, kindly sign up here or book a call below if you’d like to discuss more.

We look forward to having you onboard!